Are radio codes guaranteed to work?

All of our radio decodes are official manufacturer direct radio codes, guaranteed to work for your radio or satnav system. In the event that your radio code does not work, it would suggest that the radio has been recoded in the past. In this scenario, the only way to decode the radio is manually via a local garage, car audio specialist or direct via the dealership, a refund will apply.

My serial is not listed on your website?

If your radio serial code is not listed on our website, you can use our "Live Chat Support", where you can contact us with your radio code request, or even upload a photo of your radio serial code, so that we can identify your radio code request, so that we can assist you further with your enquiry.

How & when do i recieve my radio code?

Once we receive your radio’s serial number, we will decode your radio using your radio serial number, via decoding tools, or request the serial from our decoding servers. Once we generate your radio code, we will send it out to you via the email or mobile number provided. Most radio codes are sent instantly, although certain models may take up to 1 hour to generate, certain specialist codes may take longer.

How does the whole process work?

Once you have located your radio’s serial number, visit the relevant page for your radio by using the website’s navigation bar. " Browse Radio Codes" We require the radio’s serial number and an email address or Mobile Number, So that we can contact you and send your radio code. Please ensure that you enter the correct numbers for your serial, or add a photo of your serial number, using our unique "Upload Photo Feature".

How do i find my radio serial code?

Most radio serial numbers are found on the radio’s label located on radio’s metal casing. In some circumstances, such as Ford, Honda & Audi Navigation Systems, for Ford & Honda radio systems the serial can be obtained by pressing and holding buttons “1” & “6”, or “2” & “6” on the radio head unit. This will display the radio serial number on the head units display, for Audi RNS-E Navigation systems, serial number is sometimes visible below the code entry display screen.
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