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Ford Radio Code INSTANT service, get your Ford radio code today, with the UKs Fast Radio Code Service, we supply are genuine official working Ford radio unlock codes. For more help finding your Ford radio serial number, scroll further down this page.

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The most difficult part was getting the serial number. Once fed in and the code sent - all worked.
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  • 1 Fast Decode Service: Most decodes are sent instantly, specialist codes may take longer.
  • 2 Accurate Radio Codes : We only supply official working radio unlock codes.
  • 3 Risk Free Guarantee : if we cannot retrieve your radio code, a full refund will be issued instantly.

How To Find Ford Radio Serial On Display

Method 1: Ford 6000CD, Sony CD & 4500 RDS EON radios.

  • 1 Press & Hold down buttons 1 & 6, whilst switching ON your radio, alternatively you can try buttons 2 & 6, if first method did not work. Note: If both methods provided do not work, you will need to remove your radio to view serial number label details.
  • 2 The serial is displayed briefly after approximately 20 seconds. Make sure you have a pen handy and make a note of the the following formats: V123456 or M123456

How To Find Your Ford Radio Serial Label

Note: Ford radios require PC5-132 or similar radio release keys.

  • 1 Firstly, remove your radio from the console using PC5-132 or similar radio release keys.
  • 2 Find your Ford radio serial code, all serials begin with V or M followed by six numeric DIGITS. Examples: V123456 or M123456

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