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  • honda radio request code
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Retrieve your Honda radio code using this website by providing the serial number of the device you want to unlock. This service is 24h available and works for any Honda model and year. For information regarding how to find your serial number, scroll down.

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How to find your serial number

Method 1: Find serial number in glove box
honda radio serial in glovebox sticker
Note: Not all the Honda cars have that sticker on the glove box.
  • 1 Open your glove-box and search for a little rectangular sticker with 2 numeric sequences on it.
  • 2 Identify your serial looking for a 8-digit numeric sequence. Example: 123456789
Method 2: Display serial on radio's screen
honda jazz serial number on screen
Note: Works with any 2001 or newer Honda models
  • 1 Turn ignition & Switch radio ON, & ensure that the word "CODE" is visible on radio screen.
  • 2Turn OFF your radio and then hold down the pre-set button 1 and 6 whilst turning it ON.
  • 3Your serial number is displayed on the screen with one of the next formats: U1234 L5678 or 12345678.
  • 4 Note: For 2003 Accord Navigation use the top halves of SEEK/SKIP and CH/DISC instead pre-set buttons 1 & 6.
Method 3: Find your serial on the radio's sticker
honda radio serial on sticker
Note: Note: You only need a screwdriver to remove your radio.
  • 1 Remove your radio from the dashboard & locate the side or back serial label.
  • 2 Identify your serial by looking for a 8-digit number often labeled as Serial No. Example: 17126195

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