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Displaying Honda Radio Serial Code

Note: Works with any 2001 or newer Honda models

  • 1 Turn ignition & Switch radio ON, & ensure that the word "CODE" is visible on radio screen.
  • 2 Turn OFF your radio and then hold down the pre-set button 1 and 6 whilst turning it ON.
  • 3 Your serial number is displayed on the screen with one of the next formats: U1234 L5678 or 12345678.
  • 4 Note: For Honda Accord 2003 Navigation Systems, use the top halves of SEEK/SKIP & CH/DISC

Locating Honda Radio Serial Label Code

Note: You only need a screwdriver to remove your radio.

  • 1 Remove your radio from the dashboard & locate the side or back serial label.
  • 2 Identify your serial by looking for a 8-digit number often labeled as Serial No. Example: 30012618

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Honda Radio Code INSTANT Service, covers all Honda Civic, Jazz, Accord, CR-V, Jazz, Odyssey and many others models, All we require is the 8 or 10 digits serial number found on the radio display, or radios casing sticker label.

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